Lenora's Lace
Denise LENORA Foreman was my sister that lost her battle to Breast Cancer in 2002. I
remember the day she asked me to cut the sparse hair that she was left with after her
Chemotherapy treatment. I gifted her with her first wig and began to wear them as well to comfort
her. I than made a commitment to her that I will forever fight for the cause.  My mission now
focused on how to help preserve the confidence within a woman, that feels woman-less without
her mane of glory.  How to restore the beauty she may not feel when she looks into the mirror.  
Now units can be made for women that suffer from  hair loss due to Chemotherapy and Radiation
and Alopecia.  My training focuses on Customized Units and Lace Front Units.  A series of
consultations is required for these services. Because the unit is specially customized for you and
only you, please allow 2-3 months for the completion of your new unit once the process has begun.